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Hairdressing background combined with traditional men's grooming. I've been working fourteen years in the industry with several award winnings in the past. The most recent ones are the national wins of American Crew All-Star Challenge 2020 and 2021. I'm also being chosen to be the judge in HOF Shot 2021 photo competition men's series. Self-development is important for me and it's my focus every day.


In the salon, I want to break boundaries and give a high-end grooming experience. Listening, giving professional points of view and advice along with the laid back atmosphere, every cut is tailored to represent one's personality, style and attitude.


As an educator, the most important goal is helping others to find their own style. We all have our own ways of working and it's crucial to embrace our personal features because it gives a certain trademark to the brand. 

Better techniques and understanding of hair helps us work more efficiently. Salons and hair stylists are different, so education is planned individually. 

Drying hair with Dyson.
Iisakki Nummi

It's crucial to embrace our personal features because it gives a certain trademark to the brand.

There are two main educations I do, 1-on-1 and a salon session. The individual session is all about your personal needs and the salon session is to educate you and your team. Everything is customized, so before the event, we specifically go through what are the things you want to learn and improve.




Salon appointments:


Rauma Kuninkaankatu

Helsinki Töölö


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Every cut is tailored

to represent one's personality.

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